Prevent Dog Bites

One of my all time pet peeves (yes pun intended!) is when people are told to “Watch The Dog” without explaining what they should be watching FOR!! I’m sure it just leaves the person feeling more confused, and probably too embarrassed to ask more questions. That’s just unfair.

Dog body language in total can be complex, but the component pieces are actually very, very simple. We are presenting a FREE webinar about Preventing Dog Bites and I will tell you exactly what to look for when a dog is first starting to feel uncomfortable. If you catch the message when the dog is first telling you, and then you fix the situation, presto, the potential for a dog bite is gone.

We often hear people say that the dog “bit without warning”. I will accept that perhaps on that fateful occasion the dog gave very little warning, however, I am absolutely sure that the dog has already been trying to get their messages across for a long, long time. Their humans weren’t “listening”. Join me in the webinar and let me teach you HOW to listen.

As a species, dogs have evolved a whole system of body language communications which serve to PREVENT fights and aggression. They will tell us in their own way exactly how they are feeling in any situation. That’s how dogs are.

This free webinar will happen on Wednesday, April 13 at 10 am Atlantic Daylight Time. It is live, so we suggest you sign up for an email reminder in the link below.

You will learn the facts, see the data, and you will see how to “read” the dog’s messages with pictures of several different situations and breeds. It is an educational event you won’t want to miss! The most common victim of a dog bite is a child, from a family pet, in a home setting. Together let’s protect our children.

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