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Start off on the right paw. Baby Puppy sets your puppy up with a solid foundation. You can teach dogs tricks their whole life long, but you only get ONE chance to teach first lessons to your puppy. Show your new puppy that the world is a wonderful place. Give your puppy the best possible start.

A very young puppy is being held in the person's hand.
Your puppy’s future is in your hands
Fluffing white puppy coming to us at a full gallop.
Enjoy your new puppy.

Maybe your puppy hasn’t joined your home yet? Perfect!! Start NOW and get prepared with Baby Puppy. First time puppy parents are faced with so many new things. While it is true that things get easier with time, it is also true that good advice can make those first nights, days, and even weeks so much easier and ENJOYABLE.

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Baby Puppy is for those folk who want to give their new addition the best start possible.

Happy puppy chewing on an appropriate toy.
Happy puppy with a toy.

Give your puppy the best possible start.

New puppies can be exhausting! Baby Puppy will take the worry out of your preparations.

You can start this class on the day you know you’re getting a puppy.

The resource vault has answers to questions about potty training, about food and equipment, about sleeping, about mouthing & biting, and much more. When you understand puppy development then you can cope a bit better with passing phases!

Baby Puppy gives you a plan in your pocket for the puppy’s first day, first night, and first week!! Don’t wait until you’re sleep deprived!!

We focus on a positive outlook. You learn how to gently introduce new things. You will learn to “read” your puppy and take action to prevent fear and overwhelm.

We provide step by step guides to prevent common problems such as separation anxiety and resource guarding. You will learn how to socialize a companion dog in a human world.

Of course, we teach “good dog skills” such as Sit & Lie Down.

We really work on teaching our puppies to come when they are called. Humans have a bad habit of “wearing out” a puppy’s name so we teach two ways.

Life Skills for a Puppy

Prevent Resource Guarding

The single most common victim of a dog bite is a child, they are most often bitten by a family dog, and the issue is most often raised over food or toys.

This unit in Baby Puppy is to reassure the puppy that resource guarding simply isn’t necessary. You will teach your puppy that human hands are the source of good things rather than a threat.

Prevent Separation Anxiety

Puppies arrive in our home and depend on us for everything. It is heartwarming to see this precious little creature following us around.

However, puppies also need to cope in those times we are not present. A secure puppy might prefer that we are close by, but a short absence should not be a catastrophe. Our step-by-step guide will put you on the right path.

Build Foundations in Socialization

Socialization is building blocks for resilience and coping.

There is much in a human world that makes no sense to dogs. Yet, we expect harmony at home, at play, and increasingly at work. By following our guides in Baby Puppy you teach your puppy how to cope with things they’ve never seen before. Those skills will serve your puppy throughout their life.

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Components of Baby Puppy Programme

  1. Lessons
  2. Resource Vault
  3. Human-Only Classes
  4. Puppy Classes
  5. Private support community


Lessons are on pre-recorded tutorials. These are easy to watch, convenient for your schedule, and in bite-sized pieces. You can watch them as many times as you need, along with multiple family members.

If you enrol early in Baby Puppy you can prepare for the puppy’s arrival by gathering food, treats, toys, equipment, and PLANS for coping with the puppy when they actually do arrive. Watching the introductions to separation anxiety or socialization ahead of time will give valuable context to those preparations.

Resource Vault

Baby Puppy lessons are supported with resources on common puppy problems, for example Mouthing & Biting and Toilet Training. There is information about puppy development stages to better understand the phases that your puppy will be going through. There are recommendations for toys or for suggested equipment. There are handouts on safe human foods and human foods to avoid. In short, the Resource Vault is crammed with resources to help you with your puppy.

Human-only classes

Humans are supported with weekly classes online with the instructor. Your individual questions are answered in detail. Discussions happen without interruption from bored puppies chewing hands or pants, or, by other class members wanting to leave and drive home. Those who enrol early are encouraged to join these classes right away, to ask questions and to hear from others with young puppies. “Office Hours” are delivered on Zoom. Our participants value this individually-tailored support.

Puppy Classes

Baby Puppy games in-person start at Week THREE of Six in the schedule. This means both puppy and humans are better prepared:

  • Both puppy and humans have a couple weeks of skills built up together
  • We make better use of face to face time
    • Our human class members are already familiar with the materials so they can begin right away or they can get help right away.
    • The instructor is there to coach, answer questions, and provide individual feedback to families and their puppies
  • We know that puppies get bored really quickly so Baby Puppy members walk into the training room, pick a station, and start.
    • You do not wait for stragglers to arrive, nor do they wait for the instructor to give a spoken lesson. This means you do not try to start training with an already-bored puppy chewing leashes & hands or barking & lunging at other puppies. The whole experience is more fun and productive for humans and puppy alike when you can walk in the training room and start.
  • Puppies grow in confidence when they succeed at tasks, so the class gives a place for the puppy to practice skills already learned in the early weeks of lessons
  • When the puppy and human have already developed skills together, it is easier to re-engage puppies after socialization romps with other puppies
  • Puppies all have different concentration limits. When the puppy says “enough” the family packs up the puppy and they all go home happy.
    • When the puppy sets their own individual end-of-class signal, then nobody has to calm a fractious puppy until the session is finally over. Many undesired behaviours can be avoided this way. Remember that bored puppies rarely dream up good habits.
  • In Baby Puppy there is no waiting around. The puppy is occupied until they’ve had enough, and then we respect their need to quit. Teamwork develops much faster when puppy’s communication is “heard”.

Our blended format offers Flexibility & Convenience. Learn more in our FAQ on methods and structure. We support you to meet your and your puppy’s individual pace of learning, even if it takes longer than six weeks.

Benefits of our puppy programme:

  • The puppy begins learning on the day they arrive in the home
    • ((Start immediately and there are fewer bad habits to overcome))
  • The puppy starts on those critical socialization skills in controlled the safety of the home
    • ((Prevent overwhelming the puppy in scary situations you cannot control. Early learning will last a lifetime: that is true for BOTH positive and negative experiences))
  • The puppy starts with resource guarding prevention the day they arrive in the home
    • ((prevention))
  • The puppy starts with separation anxiety prevention as early as possible
    • ((prevention))
  • The puppy lessons don’t get put off until after the vaccination schedule is complete
    • ((fewer bad habits have time to develop))
  • The human can revisit any lesson whenever they need to refresh their memory
    • ((better training results))
  • The puppy learns faster without distractions
    • ((your home is safe and familiar so the puppy can concentrate on learning))
  • If the puppy has difficulties with certain elements, it can be accommodated
    • ((a benefit of our flexibility))
  • Puppy moves on in the lessons when the puppy is ready and not when the schedule dictates
    • ((better training results))

Use our CONTACT page TODAY to request an application.

What if I don’t live close enough to come in-person?

Perhaps you can move to Fredericton, NB? OK. I’m kidding.

You and your puppy will benefit immensely from all the materials in this course. Lesson materials and the highly valuable Resource Vault is available to you 24/7. You have direct trainer access for all your questions in the weekly class. The Facebook group for class members offers allows you to post videos of you and your puppy working together for feedback. All of this is at your fingertips.

We offer three completely unique learning units in Baby Puppy. Very few traditional puppy classes will include step by step guidance for preventing Resource Guarding or Separation Anxiety. Very few traditional classes offer a complete unit on Socialization SKILLS like we have developed for Baby Puppy.

This course is seriously good value no matter where you live. However, for those who would be interested, there are limited opportunities for online coaching. Don’t miss out on a good thing! Contact us today for more information and pricing!

Do you know someone who needs this kind of help with their new puppy? Download the brochure for them!!

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