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Do you have a brand new puppy that you want to start off on the right paw? Our classes are all about setting your puppy up with a solid foundation. You can teach a dog new tricks for their whole life, but you only get ONE chance to teach those important first lessons to your puppy. Baby Puppy shows your new puppy that the world is a wonderful place. Give your puppy the best possible start.

Maybe your puppy hasn’t arrived yet? Get prepared with Baby Puppy. Start now! First time puppy parents are faced with so many new things about a puppy. While it is true that things will get easier with time, it is also true that good advice can make those first nights, days, and even weeks so much easier and ENJOYABLE. Baby Puppy class is for those folk who would like to know that they’re doing things well.

Baby Puppy prepares your brand new addition for the rest of their life in a human world. All good dogs must know a few things like “Come when called” or “Lie Down” but those are actually quite small in comparison with the greater needs. Baby Puppy addresses major needs so puppy can cope in a future with their humans: Preventing Separation Anxiety, Preventing Resource Guarding, and, Socialization Skills.

Give your puppy the best possible start.

New puppies can be exhausting! Baby Puppy can take the worry out of all your preparations.

You can start this class on the day you know you’re getting a puppy. The resource vault has answers to all the questions about potty training, about food and equipment, about sleeping, about mouthing & biting, and much more. When you understand puppy development then you can better in knowing those phases will soon pass!

Start out with a plan in your pocket for the puppy’s first day, first night, and first week!! Don’t wait until you’re sleep deprived!!

There are step by step protocols at the ready preventing Separation Anxiety, for preventing Resource Guarding, and for a well-rounded Socialization plan. And of course there are the regular “good dog skills”, for example Sit, Lie Down and COME. Baby Puppy is all about preparing for life with humans.

Preventing Resource Guarding

The single most common victim of a dog bite is a child, bitten most often by a familiar dog, and most often over food or toys.

This unit in Baby Puppy is to teach the puppy that guarding isn’t necessary. The puppy learns that humans, and especially children are sources of good things rather than threats.

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Puppies arrive in our home and depend on us for everything. There is nothing more heartwarming than this precious little creature following us around.

However, puppies need coping skills for those times we are not present. A secure puppy might prefer that we dance attendance, but our absence shouldn’t be a catastrophe.

Foundations in Socialization

Socialization is viewed in Baby Puppy as building blocks for resilience.

There is much in a human world that makes no sense to a dog. Yet, we expect harmony with us at home, at play, and increasingly at work. By following protocols in Baby Puppy you will teach your puppy how to cope with things they’ve never seen before. Those skills will serve them throughout their life.

If this sounds good to you then what are you waiting for? Click the link to get started NOW. Contact us today.

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Baby Puppy Class Format

Baby Puppy lessons are on pre-recorded tutorials.

Humans are actively encouraged to enrol in Baby Puppy and to get familiar with the lessons long before the puppy has joined the household. This means they can prepare for the puppy’s arrival by gathering food, treats, toys, equipment, and PLANS for coping with the puppy when they do arrive. Watching the protocol lessons on separation anxiety or socialization ahead of time will give valuable context to those preparations.

Humans can also join the Zoom calls as soon as they wish, even before the puppy arrives, to ask questions and to hear from others going through the same process.

Baby Puppy participants have weekly conference calls (on Zoom) with direct access to the instructor. Questions are answered in detail and discussions happen without interruption from bored puppies chewing hands or pants, or, by other class members wanting to leave and drive home. Previous class participants have valued such individual support.

Baby Puppy has lesson plans for 6 weeks of puppy training. Our flexible schedule allows you to meet your puppy’s individual pace of learning. We continue to support you even if it takes longer than six weeks.

Baby Puppy games in-person start at Week THREE in the schedule. This means both puppy and humans are better prepared:

  • Both puppy and humans will have 3 weeks of skills built up together
  • We know that puppies get bored really quickly so Baby Puppy class members walk into the training room, pick a station, and start.
  • Class members do not wait for stragglers to arrive, nor do they wait for the instructor to give a spoken lesson. This means you do not try to start training with an already bored puppy chewing leashes & hands or barking & lunging at other puppies. The whole experience is a lot more fun for humans and puppy alike when you can walk in the training room and start.
  • Puppies grow in confidence when they succeed at tasks, so the class gives a place for the puppy to practice skills from early weeks of lessons
  • When the puppy has developed some trained skills, it is far easier for handlers to re-engage their puppies after socialization romps with other puppies
  • Puppies all have different concentration limits. When the puppy says “enough” the family packs up the puppy and they all go home happy.
  • When the puppy sets their own individual end-of-class signal there is no need to calm a fractious puppy until the class is over. Many undesired behaviours can be avoided this way because bored puppies rarely dream up good habits.
  • In Baby Puppy there is no waiting around. The puppy is occupied until they’ve had enough, and then we respect their need to quit.
  • The instructor is there to coach, answer questions and provide individual feedback to families and their puppies.

Our blended format offers FLEXIBILITY.

The benefits for the human with video lessons include:

  • Start the day you register. No waiting. Start now.
  • Watch the lessons on your own schedule around other commitments
  • Pause and rewind if you wish
  • Pause and take notes if you wish
  • Adjust the volume so you can hear it at your preferred volume
  • Watch together with other family members so they hear the lessons first-hand
  • No need for childcare while you are away
  • AND
  • Never worry about winter road conditions or traffic jams
  • Avoid the mad rush to go home after work, get the dog, and to get to class on time

There are also a number of benefits for the puppy:

  • The puppy begins learning on the day they arrive in the home
  • The puppy starts on those critical socialization skills in controlled the safety of the home
  • The puppy starts resource guarding prevention the day they arrive in the home
  • The puppy lessons don’t get put off until after the vaccination schedule is complete
  • The human is more confident in what they are teaching when they can revisit the lesson on any aspect whenever they need it
  • The puppy will learn foundation lessons far faster without distractions
  • The puppy has not been forced into a car ride
  • If the puppy has difficulties with certain elements, it can be accommodated.
  • Puppy moves on in the lessons when the puppy is ready and not when the schedule dictates

Direct link to the signup page will be inserted when the technical bits are fixed. In the meantime, Contact us for payment options and manual enrolment procedure.

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What if I don’t live close enough to come in-person?

Perhaps you can move to New Brunswick? OK. I’m kidding. Those important lessons on Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety, and Socialization are unique to the Baby Puppy class. Our Resource Vault is full of incredibly valuable information. Your puppy will benefit immensely from all the lessons in this course and you will have direct access to the instructor via the Zoom calls. If you have suitable tech then we can coach and your puppy you through zoom as well. We can provide the guidelines to build your own games night with suitable companions where you live. This course is seriously good value no matter where you live. Don’t miss out on a good thing! Contact us today!

Do you know someone who needs this kind of help with their new puppy? Download the brochure for them!!

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