It is my huge hope that anyone coming to this page is healthy and safe. Be well my friends. May we all come out the other side in a good light.

Our training facility is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick where our provincial Covid status has changed colours a few times. We continue to operate with safety protocols no matter what. Please note masks are required by Public Health.

For our valued Paws Cupboard customers who have appreciated the convenience of custom ordering and contact-free pickups: those options continue.

Paws Cupboard maintains product lines of Canadian-made food & treats with greatly expanded selections. Our selection of toys and enrichment items has also expanded in support of the lessons in our courses.

FUNdamentals delivery has been highly successful online. Lessons and Question Periods will continue in current format. There are some additional components offered in new FUNdamentals packages for those needing in-person and customized support. More information can be found on the Fundamentals page.

The Playing Paws Academy is now open weekday afternoons with Covid pick-up & drop-off protocols in place. Applications are currently being accepted.

For the time being “Boredom Busters: Enrichment on a Budget” remains available. It was designed for people who had never “trained” a dog before but suddenly found themselves in Covid lockdown with dogs that needed “distracting”. In addition, now we that we have Green status, we can offer an Enrichment Class in-person in the training room at Paws on Hubbard.

Best wishes to one and all.


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