Are you looking for help with your family dog? Are you tired of living with a dog who was taught how to sit but still doesn’t listen? Have people stopped coming over because your dog jumps all over them? Are you confused because nothing seems to work? Do you want to understand your dog? Can you still remember why you wanted a dog in the first place?

Do you want to change those frustrating daily conversations with your dog? Do you want to bring back that same joy & excitement like you felt when you first got your dog? 

The image is a dog in a great pile of fluff from the cushion that was just destroyed.
Chewing task has been completed. Nap time is next.
Person sitting on a mountaintop, with one arm comfortably around their dog who is standing beside them.
Climb mountains together

Well done!! You have landed on the right page!! We teach you how to change your dog’s habits.

We coach you, so you can transform the dog in front of you. Peace in your house is possible!

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Imagine how pleasant your life would be if your dog would CHOOSE to be doing things with you instead of getting into trouble?

What do we DO in FUNdamentals?

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FUNdamentals is where you learn how to:

  • boost your dog’s confidence
  • build your dog’s self-control
  • grow calm behaviours
  • create focus on you
  • have your dog come when you call.  

Teaching obedience, e.g. sit or down, is not enough. Learn how to cope in the real world. FUNdamentals is all about good-dog skills for daily life.   

Ratings Badge achieved by being in the top 3 dog trainers in Fredericton, NB.
Ranked in Top 3

To begin, we play games that grow your dog’s confidence. If a dog is anxious all the time, then learning “obedience” is going to be really hard because the dog is far too busy being scared.

Maybe your dog has loads of confidence already? That’s absolutely great! Playing our confidence games will be a total blast for both of you. It will only strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

The dog is very frightened.  The tail is tucked right underneath the belly and the dog is getting ready to run away.
A worried dog will have a very hard time learning.
This goofy puppy is wild and over-excited.  Paws are flailing, mouth is wide open and the eyes are big.
Goofball dog!

Maybe your dog is a just an over-excited bouncing, goofball. Maybe your dog is a rock-star at home or in a class but they turn into a lunatic when you take them anywhere.

The trouble is that over-excited dogs aren’t listening or learning. They cannot. They’re too busy being excited.

Why not channel that energy into playing games with you? It makes us feel good when our dog is happy and running around (safely). Deal with that joy and vitality while still in harmony with family life.

Your dog is not a robot. Simply teaching dog obedience cues or “commands” like sit or down doesn’t address any inner turmoil.

When you begin to understand your dog and the emotional side of learning, then you can begin to guide your dog through daily struggles.

We can help you. Step by step you shape your dog from the inside out. Put an end to daily frustration and work together with your companion. Dogs are social creatures. Nothing would make them happier!

A robot dog with wires and gears and lights.  It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.
A robot dog
A large and strong dog is barely being held back by a person who is pulling with all their might.
Dogs that pull are a problem. They can injure themselves or others.

Self-Control is high on our list of coping skills. The opposite of self-control is a dog who jumps on people and pulls like a train to get at whatever they want.

In FUNdamentals we teach our dogs with games of choice. The dog learns to choose the best option for a reward. There is no force or compulsion in our classes. The dog learns to make good choices for themselves, in other words, to have self-control.

A wistful dog face in the background and a yummy glazed doughnut on a plate in the foreground.
Self-control is something that needs to be taught to our dogs.
Fundamentals is best explained in a pyramid with the bottom level of confidence.  Build up from there with calm, self-control, focus and ultimately ending in a joyful come when called.
FUNdamentals Overview Pyramid

FUNdamentals in one picture.

First we build self-confidence. It is very difficult to learn without confidence. A confident dog can be calm. A calm dog can think. A thinking dog can make good choices. Making good choices is “self-control”. A dog with self-control can ignore distractions. Focused means ignoring distraction. When a calm dog is focused on you, then you can teach them anything you want!!!

Strengthen the Bond With Your Dog

The dog lying their side showing their belly so the human can rub it.  The human hand is gently stroking the dog.
Enjoying the petting

Dogs are part of the family. If you want to become a valued human partner to your dog then FUNdamentals is right for you.

You will learn:

  • how dogs communicate with body language
  • how stress and excitement affect a dog’s ability to learn
  • normal dog behaviours, and,
  • how our own human actions and emotions affect our dogs.
A large dog with a smiling face has one paw on the leash in the person's hand.
Eager dog

Through these lessons in FUNdamentals you will come to understand the dog in front of you. With understanding comes empathy. Understand your dog’s struggles and you are better able to help them. We are here to help you succeed.

Use our CONTACT page to request an application.

What is the FORMAT for FUNdamentals?

FUNdamentals Components

  • Easy-to-follow recorded tutorials
  • Direct trainer access in weekly Office Hours class
  • In-person Coaching
  • Private Community of Learners
  • Options for Additional Coaching

Lessons are delivered online in weekly sets of easy-to-follow recorded tutorials. Participants can access those lessons at their convenience 24/7. Our purpose is to guide the training of family dogs so we encourage everyone in the family to be on board watching the tutorials. You have full control over the pace of information. You can start & stop as you wish, repeat as you wish, or watch one video at a time if that’s how you learn best.

Weekly Class for Humans

Humans are supported with weekly classes online with the instructor. Questions are answered in detail. “Office Hours” are delivered on Zoom.

Our format offers FLEXIBILITY.

Our format offers flexibility. When a dog needs longer than a single week to finish a lesson, then you take it. In our class we don’t push the dog for the sake of a schedule. Learning happens at the dog’s pace. Likewise, if the human partner has unforeseen events in their world, that too will be accommodated. We continue to support our class participants as long as they are working on the materials.

See our “FAQ on Methods and Structure” for a full description of the many benefits (for both dogs and humans) with our course methods and structure.

In-Person Components

Now that public health restrictions are lifted, an in-person component is added back into the FUNdamentals programme. Three private coaching sessions are scheduled when certain milestones have been reached in the lessons.

Our Learning Community

When you participate in our classes you join a community of other people going through many of the same struggles with their dogs. You are not alone!

Additional Support

FUNdamentals is an online class, however, we do offer additional support packages for those who need private coaching. We have a limited number of spots available in our schedule for those who absolutely need in-person guidance. Likewise, if you do not live close to Fredericton, NB, there is possibility to set up supplemental private sessions via Zoom. Please make an appointment to discuss your specific needs and pricing via the Contact page.

Use our CONTACT page to request an application.

Do you know someone who needs this kind of help with their dog? Download the brochure for them!!!

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