Welcome! Are you looking for help with your family dog? Are you tired of living with a dog who was taught how to sit but still doesn’t listen? Have people stopped coming over because your dog jumps all over them? Are you confused because nothing seems to work? Do you want to understand your dog? Can you still remember why you wanted a dog in the first place?

Well done you!!  You’ve landed on the right page!!  We will work with you and show you ways to change your dog’s habits. We coach while you learn, so you can shape the dog you saw in your hopes & dreams. Peace in your house is possible!

FUNdamentals are taught with games.  Yes games!  Why games?  Because that’s how dogs learn: in short bursts of happy, focused attention from their favourite people.   Playing games take all the pressure off both dogs AND humans. 

FUNdamentals is where you teach your own dog how to be calm, how to have self-control, boost confidence, create focus, come when called and learn to ignore distractions.   FUNdamentals shows you how to teach good-dog skills in the safety of your own home, and then broadening those skills for daily life.   

Do you want to change those frustrating daily conversations with your dog? Do you want to bring back the joy & excitement you felt when you first got your dog?  Contact us NOW!

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What do we DO in FUNdamentals?

To begin, we play games that grow your dog’s confidence. If a dog is worried all the time, learning obedience is going to be too hard: the dog is too busy being scared.

Maybe your dog has loads of confidence already? Great! Then playing confidence games is going to be a total blast. Next on our list is developing self-control.

The opposite of self-control is that dog who jumps on people and pulls like a train to get at whatever they want. In FUNdamentals we teach our dogs with games of choice, and the dog learns to choose the most rewarding option ((HINT: We rig the game so the “best” choice is the one WE want)).

Imagine how much more pleasant your human life would be if your dog would calmly CHOOSE to be doing things with you?

Calmness!!!! Calmness is the result of teaching self-control. A dog that is calm is a thinking dog. A thinking dog can make good choices!!

These are the foundation pieces of FUNdamentals. Learn how to shape your dog into calm and confidence. You can teach anything you want when your dog is calmly focused on you! Contact us if you have questions.

Oh but doesn’t a focused dog sound good? To have our dog happily choosing to be with us instead of all those other distracting things that dogs do?

If you want to become a valued partner to your dog then FUNdamentals is the right class for you. Learn about dog communication, stress and excitement, normal dog behaviour, and how our own actions affect our dogs. Learn how to be a good human for your dog.

Contact us if you have questions.

What is the FORMAT for FUNdamentals?

FUNdamentals lessons are delivered in sets of easy-to-follow recorded tutorials. Participants access the lessons at their convenience, and as many times as they wish with as many household family members as they wish. Our purpose is to guide the training of family dogs so we encourage everyone in the family to be on board.

FUNdamentals participants have weekly conference calls (on Zoom) with direct access to the instructor.

Questions are answered in detail and discussions happen without interruption from bored dogs chewing hands or pants, or, by other class members wanting to leave and drive home. Previous class participants have valued such individual support.

The primary benefit in this online format is FLEXIBILITY. In a “normal” industry-standard class, the lesson contents are delivered on a schedule whether participants are ready or not. In our classes we accommodate dogs who might have difficulty with certain elements and we don’t push them into situations they’re not ready for simply because of schedules. Likewise, if the human partner has unforeseen events in their world, that too can be accommodated without harming progress for the dog or human within our course.

Our blended format offers FLEXIBILITY.

The benefits for the human with this format include:

  • Start the day you register. No waiting. Start now.
  • Watch the lessons on your own schedule around other commitments
  • Pause and rewind if you wish
  • Pause and take notes if you wish
  • Adjust the volume so you can hear it at your preferred volume
  • Watch together with other family members so they hear the lessons first-hand
  • No need for childcare while you are away
  • AND
  • Never worry about winter road conditions or traffic jams
  • Avoid the mad rush to go home after work, get the dog, and to get to class on time

There are also a number of benefits for the dog:

  • The human is less rushed and therefore less stressed
  • The human is more confident in what they are teaching when they can revisit the lesson on any aspect whenever they need it
  • The dog is in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment
  • The dog is not facing other strange dogs or humans
  • The dog will learn the foundation lessons far faster without distractions
  • The dog has not been forced into a car ride
  • The dog can start at any point in a vaccination schedule
  • The pace of learning is set by the dog. If your dog needs more work on anything, you continue working on it until your dog is ready to move on. The lessons will be there whenever you’re ready.

A far wider range of clientele can be served:

  • Nervous dogs are not intimidated by other dogs
  • Bounding & over-excitable dogs are not practicing out-of-control behaviours
  • “Dog-aggressive” dogs are not a threat to themselves or others
  • A mix of dog’s ages and capacity can be accommodated
  • Inexperienced handlers can grow in confidence and at their own pace at home, and will not be embarrassed nor endangered by their dogs in public

Direct link to the signup page will be inserted when the technical bits are fixed. In the meantime, Contact us for payment options and manual enrolment procedure.

Customized packages

FUNdamentals is an online delivery. Additional in-person coaching is available for class participants wanting further support and observation. Now that Covid is lifting we can have folks in our training room again. If you do not live in the vicinity, arrangements can be made for zoom coaching sessions. Please make an appointment to discuss your specific needs and pricing via the Contact page.

Do you know someone who needs this kind of help with their dog? Download the brochure for them!!!

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