Welcome! Are you looking for help with your family dog? Are you tired of living with a dog who was taught how to sit but still doesn’t listen? Have people stopped coming over because your dog jumps all over them? Can you still remember why you wanted a dog in the first place?

Well done you!!!   You’ve landed on the right page!!!  We will work with you and show you ways to change your dog’s habits. We will coach you through to get a family dog that you will enjoy. Peace in your house is possible!

FUNdamentals are taught with games.  Yes games!  Why games?  Because that’s how dogs learn: in short bursts of happy, focused attention from their favourite people.   Games take all the pressure off both dogs AND the owners.  If you’re having fun together, and your dog gets a pat or a treat for no reason, there’s no harm done and your dog still loves you.   Just keep playing games and you’ll soon figure it out.

FUNdamentals is where you teach your dog how to be calm, to have self-control, boost confidence, create focus, come when called and learn to ignore distractions.    FUNdamentals shows you how to teach good-dog skills in the safety of your own home, and then broadening those skills for daily life.   

Do you want to change those frustrating daily conversations with your dog? Do you want to bring back the joy and excitement you felt when you first got your dog?  Just use that contact tab to find the next opportunity for you to get in on the fun.

FUNdamentals is an 8 week class that is offered online. Format includes weekly video release, live Zoom calls, a private Facebook group and Facebook “Lives’ as required”.

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