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Hours of Business 2021: M-F 12-6 and Sat 10-2.

As an independent local business Paws Cupboard makes every effort to source food and treats locally, and then from Canadian manufacturers. Our selections have expanded greatly in recent months. Here is a representative sample of the items now in stock. Custom ordering can also be accommodated.

Paws Cupboard
Paws Cupboard

Food Selections

ProSeries & Inukshuk are made by Corey Nutrition in Fredericton, NB. We stock all Pulsar formulas & can order any Horizon product (made in Saskatchewan).

Puppy classes are a mainstay in our training programmes. In support of those puppy clients we stock four different kinds of puppy food: with & without grains made with poultry or red meat.

Pet Kind is premium kibble (made in BC), that comes in variety of red meat or fish with Tripe. All varieties are grain-free. The 100% Green Beef Tripe treats are crunchy, Bison & Lamb treats are soft and made with limited ingredients.

Hurraw (Quebec) and Smack (Manitoba) are freeze-dried raw product with added fruits and vegetables. Freeze-dried is the next best thing closest to fresh without the inconveniences associated with raw meat. You can scoop Smack or Hurraw just like kibble and you don’t need to remember to thaw it out the day before. For those who travel with their dogs this is a huge bonus!

When you have small dogs, their little bellies fill quickly and they might not eat enough of their balanced food. Both Hurraw and Smack are formulated as proper food, which means you can easily feed it as a treat and not have to worry about your dog not getting the right mix of nutrients.


Our main treat selections are “single ingredient”. That means if it says “chicken hearts” there is nothing in that bag but chicken hearts. No additives. No fillers.

We have quite a selection of items from Petz International made in Salsbury NB including freeze-dried Dog Bites and Cat Cravings.

We don’t stock fish oil supplements in processed form, but rather, we stock different kinds of fish treats to boost that valuable Omega-3 in your dog or cat’s diet. Pacific Salmon Skin Rolls come from BC, Freeze-dried Turbot Skins (also a saltwater fish) from Quebec, and Freshwater Smelts from Ontario.

On a similar note, we don’t stock glucosamine or chondritin which are common supplements for joint health. Instead we stock items such as Duck Necks or Chicken feet where the dog can get the same nutrition with a lot more fun.

We have several limited ingredient treats. Dogs seem to love the taste of these, but some dogs in particular cannot tolerate high fat or certain ingredients. For example we now carry Dog Gone Gourmet treats in Duck and Venison. They are small and soft, and as you can see in the photo they are an ideal size for training. The Sweet Potato and Blueberry treats are only 1% fat, Applesauce & Pork is 1.5% fat and those longer lasting BackStrap Tendon Chews in my hand are 1% fat.

Long lasting chews are a mainstay for keeping dogs out of trouble. Our selection of these is growing steadily. We have simple chews like pizzle or tripe sticks (beef) and pork hide twists, as well as edibles that you can fill and freeze such as trachea or hooves. We recommend these in our puppy class so of course we have a variety of sizes available for all ages.

No self-respecting dog shop wouldn’t have good toys, and boy do we have some nifty ones! Start here with Spunky Pup’s organic little stuffies that make perfect gifts for new puppies. (If these were placed with the mother for a time they would absorb her smell which the puppy would find comforting in their new home.) GoDog has a variety of “Chew Guard” toys, some of which squeak and flip their limbs when you squeeze them! Soft Seas are crinkly squeaky toys like this darling Octopus.

In our classes we strongly recommend toys that you and your dog play with together. These are made of strongER materials to withstand normal tugging, and you put them away when you’re done. (Left to their own devices, many dogs will do their level best to kill squeaker in their toy.)

A lot of dogs will inhale their food in seconds. We have some recommended slow-feeding enrichment items such as wobble kongs, hand-made snuffle mats and slow feeders that can hold liquids and be frozen. Check out the youtube channel for Paws on Hubbard to see these items in action.

Kong is a versatile brand of good quality items. We stock those we use for our own dogs. Red (original) kongs are for normal chewers while the black ones are for more tenacious chewers. Stuff-a-ball is ideal for puppies.

Training items are often specific for the activity that you’re doing with the dog. We carry the whistle that we strongly recommend in Baby Puppy. Based on client feedback we have added treat bags and floating dumbbells. We often make jokes about a stick being the only toy a dog needs. That can be true, but it is also true that some dogs chew those sticks into dangerous little daggers and swallow them. This led to bringing in recycled plastic throw sticks from Clean Earth. And many folks complain about the number of leashes their dog has chewed up. Well, we solved that problem for them too with chain link leads!!

There are always small things that make life easier with a dog. We carry Earth-Rated (cleanup products) which is a company in Montreal. One of our customers has allergies so she makes her own limited ingredient soaps. We asked her to cover some in sheep wool (locally sourced!) which makes the bar easier to handle and it lasts longer. We have some beautiful masks (locally-made) in adult and children size.

Of course we have to give a nod to the kitties in our house. In foods we carry ProSeries & Horizon kitty kibbles, and premium freeze-dried kitty Smack. Just to add spice to your life we carry Crack-Nip which is Chicken or Salmon with CATNIP!

We would love to have you visit us in Paws Cupboard. We can help you select good quality food If you need help choosing it. If you would like to enrich your dogs life then we can help you with that too. The single best enrichment you can give your pet is to play with them and our courses are based on that fact. We offer enrichment toys to help you, not replace you, in those fun and games.

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