Paws Cupboard

We can provide a contact free service with individual video shopping if you’d like to browse the selection. Bring your car to the loading dock and we’ll put it in the trunk for you. Send us an email to begin your shopping conversation.

Hours of Business have changed in 2021. We are now open M-F 12-6 and Sat 10-1. Classes and Daycare are scheduled separately.

We only stock good quality dog and cat foods, beginning with Corey Nutrition products manufactured here in Fredericton NB. We stock Corey ProSeries for dogs and cats, and Inukshuk for dogs. All food or treats that you will find in Paws Cupboard are manufactured in Canada. We have a full line of Pulsar from Horizon Nutrition in Saskatchewan. We have Tripett by Pet Kind from BC. We have two freeze-dried lines including Smack in various sizes from Manitoba and freeze-dried Hurraw which is manufactured in Quebec.

You will note that several items are “freeze-dried”. This preservation method is the next best thing to fresh without the inconvenience associated with raw meat. You can scoop Smack or Hurraw just like kibble and you don’t need to remember to thaw it out the day before. For those who travel with their dogs this is a huge bonus!

Our treats selection is “single ingredient”. That means if it says e.g. “chicken hearts” there is nothing in that bag but chicken hearts. No additives. No fillers. We have quite a selection of items from Petz International from Salsbury NB including Dog Bites and Cat Cravings. At the moment we have one variety of Tripe chews from Pet Kind.

We don’t stock supplements in processed form, but rather, we stock different kinds of fish treats to supply Omega-3 in your dog or cat’s diet. Pacific Salmon Skin Rolls come from BC, Freeze-dried Turbot Skins (also a saltwater fish) from Quebec, and Freshwater Smelts from Ontario.

Enrichment items include Snuffle Mats and Tug Sticks that are hand-made in Fredericton. Earth-rated brand (cleanup products) is a company in Montreal. We can’t avoid some imported items, but they are durable and useful items items such as Kongs and Floating Dumbbells.

Product in Paws Cupboard are those that support our training programmes for family pets. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy dog. All featured foods are good quality. The single best enrichment you can give your pet is to play with them and our courses are based on that fact. We offer enrichment toys to help you, not replace you, in those fun and games.

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