Daycare: Playing Paws Academy

Welcome! We offer an enriched daycare experience for your family dog. Think of it like a Montessori school for dogs. Our focus is on the individual dog and their needs, as well as the dreams and wishes of their owners. Dogs are tended individually and for safety there is an assigned kennel for each visiting dog. There are protocols for safe pick-up and drop-offs.

We are open by appointment on weekday afternoons M-Th 12-6 pm.

Please wear a mask.

For general information about the Playing Paws Academy, please read this flyer.

To enrol a dog in the Playing Paws Academy you will need the application (below), health and vaccination records from your veterinarian, an on-site pre-screening visit, and a signed services agreement with us. 

As pet owners work through their way through all questions on the application, some will find that their dogs are just not suitable nor comfortable in a daycare environment. That doesn’t make them bad dogs and it doesn’t make for bad owners. Perhaps an online class might be more helpful. Feel free to ask questions.

We ask many, many, many questions about your dog and you might not have answers for all of them. We know that your dog is unique and we just want to get to know them. We want to know what your hopes are in bringing your dog to spend time with us. There is a purpose to all these questions!!!

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