Do you have a new puppy that you want to start off on the right paw? Our classes are all about setting your puppy up with a solid foundation. You can teach a dog new tricks for their whole life, but you get ONE chance to teach the first lessons to your puppy.

We focus on a positive outlook. You will learn how to gently introduce new things and especially how to prevent common problems such as separation anxiety and resource guarding. You will learn about socialization for a companion dog in a human world.

NEW for 2021: Baby Puppies

First time puppy parents are faced with so many new things about a puppy. While it is true that things will get easier with time, it is also true that good advice can make those first nights, days, and even weeks so much easier and ENJOYABLE. “Baby Puppy” class is for those folk who would like to know that they’re doing things well. Download the brochure and send us an email for more information about the next available class.

Coming soon: A class for Teens, Tweens, and Adolescent Puppies

We receive a large number requests about classes for puppies that are a little bit older. Puppies no longer babies and soon to become adolescents. We will offer a class in 2021 more suited to that age and the associated problems: especially mouthing/biting, not coming when called and jumping up!!! As with all our classes, we place strong emphasis on understanding the dog and how to communicate our human wishes in ways that make sense to the dog.

Puppy Class Format

Blended delivery of video lessons, zoom calls and in-person classes will remain for all puppy classes. Schedules will be adjusted.

Lesson content is delivered with video lessons. This means that lessons are available at all hours of the day or night, and can be repeated as often as required when it is convenient for the puppy-parent. At the moment in-person numbers are restricted with Covid so this actually offers a great way for new puppy owners to involve their whole family in the learning. It also means you don’t have to rush after work on winter roads to get to a night class.

In person classes are used for practising skills with all sorts of distractions in the room. Our blended class structure means that both puppies and puppy-parents will have already started with lessons at home before they come to class. Prepared puppy parents will know what to do when they walk in the room on the first night which makes for much more productive sessions.

Zoom classes are live human time to debrief on things that happen in class and/or any other questions that come up. Discussions and questions on weekly zooms are deeper and the answers are fuller when class progress isn’t constantly interrupted by bored little creatures with sharp teeth!

For more information (MUCH more!) please use the contact page on this website.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com
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