Are you struggling with a Rowdy Rover in your house? We can help. Are you just looking for some canine calm? We can help. Are you struggling to support a nervous dog? We can help.

Maybe you have a new dog or puppy and you’re just looking to start things out on the right paw. We can help you.

We will support you. We will guide you. You are in good hands.

A human hand holding a dog's paw.
Your dog training is in good hands.
Woman and dog walking calmly across a grassy field into the sunset.
Nurture the companion dog.

Do you want to understand your dog? Join us and learn how dogs see things differently from humans.

With new insight, we help you see, support, and heal your dog’s struggles with compassion.

With new knowledge and new skills, you can transform the dog in front of you. Imagine having a well-mannered dog in your house and how much difference that would make! Imagine if your dog didn’t jump on your guests. Imagine taking your dog to different places with you and your family. Imagine having a dog that listens to you when you take them somewhere.

When you learn with us you will build skills and manners in your dog. After all, that’s why you’re looking for a training class in the first place! We think it is equally important to grow a stronger connection with your dog and greater enjoyment from their company. If you want to learn about the awesomeness of your dog, then you have come to the right place!!!

You see a young girl, laying on her bed with a young puppy who is licking her nose.  Both the girl and the puppy look happy.
Happy puppy.
Playing a game with cups.  The dog is concentrating on 3 cups on the floor and placing a paw near the one that holds a treat.
Playing Brain Games

Our methods are based squarely on the science of how dogs learn. We teach with games to take pressure off both dogs and humans. The dog has fun and doesn’t realize they’re getting “trained”. When the human makes a mistake, the dog probably gets a treat for no reason. Your dog still loves you. That’s why our methods are ideal for first-time dog owners. Mistakes don’t cause harm.

Teaching a dog to sit or lie down is not enough. For example, just getting a scared dog to sit will not fix the fear. You have to address emotions too. We focus on key principles such as developing calm and confidence, or developing socialization skills in young puppies. Our priority is to strengthen and support your dog from the inside out. That’s why we teach about behaviour and how dogs learn. That’s why our methods are ideal for rescue dogs.

Are you wondering HOW we train? Follow this link to our methods FAQ. See how our course structures offer you convenience, flexibility and individual attention.

Training Programmes

Baby Puppy

Start your new puppy off on the right paw. Teach them how to become an awesome dog in a human world. Nurture a lifelong companion.

Adorable little puppy sitting in a foodbowl.
I’m sitting. Where’s my treat?


Develop skills and manners in your dog. Build courage and channel energy. Understand your dog. Shape their capers into FUN activities for both you and your dog.

Smiling woman holding something in her hand that her dog is sniffing thoroughly.
Dog training is fun for humans and dogs.
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