Chocolate & Candy Dangers for Dogs

Dogs and Halloween goodies do not mix. Too much sugar isn’t good for dogs.  At best it could just mean gas, but it can lead to vomiting & diarrhea and more.  Adding insult to injury ……  As bad as real sugar is for dogs, artificial sugar is pure poison.  Xylitol or Birch Sugar is aContinue reading “Chocolate & Candy Dangers for Dogs”

Halloween Horrors for Dogs

What is Halloween for a dog? For a lot of dogs, it’s a flipping nightmare.  The doorbell keeps ringing all night long.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t find doorbell music all that wonderful so I imagine that dogs might get sick of it too.  What then happens after the doorbell rings?   AlienContinue reading “Halloween Horrors for Dogs”

Pumpkin Pleasure (for dogs)

So ….. what about pumpkin for dogs? In short: YES but, as always, the devil is in the details. Pumpkin is full of nutrients.  It’s a great thing to add to your dog’s diet.  It contains several vitamins of note (A, C, E) as well as important minerals (Iron, Potassium).   It contains prebiotics which areContinue reading “Pumpkin Pleasure (for dogs)”

Tail wagging puzzles

My dog is wagging his tail.  He must be happy!!!  Oh, how many times I’ve heard this!?!?   How many of those times have been wrong??? The truth is that while happy dogs wag their tails, not all wagging tails are happy ones.  And that’s where the confusion starts.   Puzzles make your head hurt! Let’s breakContinue reading “Tail wagging puzzles”

Prevent Dog Bites

This free webinar will happen on Wednesday, April 13 at 10 am Atlantic Daylight Time.

You will learn the facts, see the data, and you will see how to “read” the dog’s messages with pictures of several different situations and breeds. It is an educational event you won’t want to miss! The most common victim of a dog bite is a child, from a family pet, in a home setting. Together let’s protect our children