Paws on Hubbard

Dogs are part of the family

We help you make it a smooth addition

Games-based Training

FUNdamentals is for adolescents and older dogs.

Baby Puppy is best for puppies who haven’t yet learned any bad habits. For those humans eagerly anticipating that new puppy, the Resource Vault is available immediately. Prepare yourself and your home before the puppy arrives!!

Enrichment classes are offered in-person. In an enrichment class it isn’t like “obedience” but it is instead offering activities in keeping with your dog’s interests, instincts, and abilities. Boredom Busters was released during Covid for those just wanting a budget-friendly option to have fun with their dog at home. It is meant for folks who are new to training dogs.

Enriched Daycare

The Playing Paws Academy offers an enriched daycare experience where your dog receives individual attention.

Dogs will only participate in activities that are suited to their needs, interests, and abilities.

Pre-visit interviews make sure your dog will be happy here.

All dogs on site will need to meet health and vaccination status.

Playing Paws Academy is open weekday afternoons 12-6.

We are accepting applications, however, we no longer have vacancies on all days. Bookings have become a necessity.

Toys, Food & Treats

We offer quality foods & treats for both dogs & cats sourced from Canadian manufacturers. We also have a selection of limited ingredient treats for dogs with sensitivities.

We are proud to offer products from local manufacturers such as Corey Pet Nutrition located right here in Fredericton and Petz International in Salsbury NB.

Paws Cupboard has expanded the range of items we carry.

We carry the famous Canadian SMACK for both dogs & cats and we stock Pet Kind and Hurraw. From the Horizon family we stock all Pulsar along with a selection of Legacy, Amicus, and Taiga.

You’ll find a wide assortment of “long-lasting chews” made from single ingredients. We have slow feeders and snuffle mats to slow down the speed that dogs eat their dinners.

We also have a selection of different interactive toys that we recommend for appropriate play with dogs and puppies.

Contact-free pickup is available on pre-paid items from Paws Cupboard.

Masks are required.

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Before Paws on Hubbard there was Healing/Heeling Paws (R). We registered with CIPO in 1997 for dog & handler training, with special interest in Therapy Dogs. Business expansion in recent years (2019) allowed the purchase of a former warehouse. Ongoing (never-ending!) renovations now host a daycare (the Playing Paws Academy) and a retail outlet (Paws Cupboard).

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