Dogs are amazing. They bring joy, spontaneity, and loyal companionship into our lives. They have the uncanny ability to improve our mental health simply by being dogs. Is it any wonder that some 40% of Canadian households have at least one dog?

Source: https://cahi-icsa.ca/news/2020-canadian-pet-population-figures-release

You have come to the right place for help. Sometimes we all need a little support with a bouncy excitable dog, or perhaps with a nervous dog, or maybe this is your first dog. You might just be looking to start out on the right paw with a new puppy. You might be searching for a pilot to help you navigate your current struggles. We are here to support both you and your dog on your journey.

A dog and a human sit side by side facing away from the camera, both are looking at the same thing in the distance.
A young dog is looking up, gazing happily at the person holding the leash.
Attentive puppy on leash.

Imagine having a dog that isn’t jumping on your guests. Imagine your dog sitting calmly beside you, watching the world go by instead of barking and lunging at it. We can help you find that peace of mind.

Our training is based on the science of how dogs learn. We coach you to build your dog’s skills and good manners.

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Our trademark is a play on words.  Our name is Healing Heeling Paws to reflect the healing power of Therapy dogs, and also good manners for all dogs, heeling by your side.  The two words "Healing" and "Heeling" share the same capital H letter and then it is followed with the word Paws.
Healing Heeling Paws Trademark
We are a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (Member badge)

We actively encourage our class participants to play with their dog and our retail shop (Paws Cupboard) is here to bolster that play with appropriate toys and with enrichment items for your dog’s mental needs. You will also find useful equipment here such as Hands-Free Leashes. We care about healthy dogs and cats, so we offer good quality foods & treats that are made in Canada. Contact-free pickup is available.

Mental stimulation is important for dogs. The Playing Paws Academy (doggy daycare) creates individual experiences for our canine guests. It is a Montessori style of daycare for dogs. We support pet guardians in their ongoing training efforts at home, and we provide new and stimulating environments for their dogs while they are here.

Masks are required.

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Paws on Hubbard serves dogs and their families in the greater Fredericton and Oromocto areas.

We offer both virtual and in-person training for both puppies and adult dogs. We also have a small retail shop and a doggy daycare.

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