April is not fooling!

Hello and welcome to my world of emergency lockdown. Things were SO close to being ready …… SO close to starting classes at least. And then came the pandemic and I had to tell some wonderful people that I couldn’t start classes. It doesn’t look like things are changing any time soon. My province continuesContinue reading “April is not fooling!”

November 11th Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a whirlwind of emotion for me.  Frustration at the need for war.  Sadness at the holes left behind with families & loved ones.  Hope for a better tomorrow since those who sacrificed so much believed in the difference their lives would make.  Gratitude for those who built my safe little world.  IContinue reading “November 11th Remembrance Day”

Happy and SAFE Halloween

Children look forward to Halloween spoils all year long! Others might not be so keen. Our dogs can very easily count among the latter! Halloween can be a nightmare for an anxious dog. Just count the unsettling things: a) hordes of strangers coming to and from the house, b) doorbells ringing non-stop, c) screaming ofContinue reading “Happy and SAFE Halloween”