November News

We pause in November to remember men, women, and animals who have paid a heavy price for our current rights and freedoms. We are grateful to those who continue to serve today.

Here is the November newsletter from Paws on Hubbard. We are pleased to announce the winners of the Halloween costume contest and to provide a timely heads’up on a Winter Safety Seminar that will be coming up in very early December. Enjoy!

Enrichment Series

Hello and Welcome!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing new videos on food-extending items that we use with our own dog.

To begin we’ll show you a clip of MacGee polishing off his meal from a regular bowl in seconds. Then we’ll show you all the ways we take that same amount of food per meal and use the enrichment toys to extend the time it takes him to eat that dinner.

To begin you’ll see him polish his dinner off in about 15 seconds. Then today we’ll show you how we get a whopping generous SIX minutes out of the same amount of dinner in a Kong Wobbler! Take a look!

Playing Paws Academy

Welcome! We offer an enriched daycare experience for your family dog. Our focus is on the individual dog and their needs, as well as the dreams and wishes of their owners. Dogs are tended individually and for safety there is an assigned kennel for each visiting dog.

We have a safety procedure for dog pick-up and drop-offs, and, opening hours in Paws Cupboard are scheduled so as not to conflict with the Academy. Please wear a mask.

For general information about the Playing Paws Academy, please read this flyer.

We ask many, many, many questions. Your dog is unique and we want to get to know them. We want to know what your hopes are in bringing your dog to spend time with us. There is a purpose to all these questions!!!

To enrol a dog in the Playing Paws Academy you will need the application (above), health and vaccination records from your veterinarian, an on-site pre-screening visit, and a signed services agreement with us.

As pet owners work through their way through all questions on the application, some will find that their dogs are just not suitable nor comfortable in this daycare environment. That doesn’t make them bad dogs and it doesn’t make for bad owners. Perhaps an online class might be more helpful. Feel free to ask questions.

New class release: Boredom Busters

We’re thrilled to announce that Boredom Busters: Enrichment on a Budget has now been released. This four week class starts with basic steps and gradually adds more complications each week. It is completely designed around regular household objects so there is no need to go out and buy more things to have fun with your dog.

Dogs need to exercize their brains as well as their bodies. That’s where Enrichment comes in. You can keep them busy, keep them out of mischief, and you can tire them out all at the same time! You will grow in FUNship with your dog as you spend some happy time together.

Follow through for more information here:

Or simply click through to the registration page where you will find the full course outline as well as the sign-up tab.

See you on the inside!


My biggest wish for anyone reading this is that you are healthy and safe.

In light of the times we will be offering online classes. At the moment those folk already registered for a face to face will receive an online class right now. Future deliveries of FUNdamentals will be offered online, as well as two new classes that are in the works: a puppy class, with special emphasis on socialization in quarantine and an enrichment class using common household items.

Best wishes to each and every one of you.

April is not fooling!

Hello and welcome to my world of emergency lockdown. Things were SO close to being ready …… SO close to starting classes at least. And then came the pandemic and I had to tell some wonderful people that I couldn’t start classes. It doesn’t look like things are changing any time soon. My province continues to confirm new virus cases and Canada continues to bag up more scary statistics. What do I do?

I take my classes online. That’s what I do. All those good folk who have put down their deposit will be served with an online class for the time being. We’ll square things up when the state of emergency is lifted, but for now I cannot leave them in the lurch.

When we all come out the other side of this I’ll offer both in-person and online classes. Stay tuned!

Peace and best wishes.

Starting to add some cosmetic pieces now ….. not just 100% de/construction any more!

February Update

Progress is happening and we are thrilled!!! That was the good part. The rub is that we’re not done yet! The washroom is fully functional now and waiting for paint. The training room has been ground smooth and awaits sealing coats of finisher. There is this small matter of an emergency exit which doesn’t quite work yet…… details details details. Best guess now is only a couple of weeks. Thank you SO much for your patience!

Getting the floor prepped for a sealing coat.

We have MOVED!!

New Address: 40 Hubbard Road, Fredericton, NB, E3B 6B4

Phone number: (506) 462 – PAWS (7297)

Do not be alarmed by the photo of a yard full of trucks on google maps!! I can assure you those trucks are gone. I just don’t know to change that picture!!!

We are currently in heavy duty renovation mode: drywall, insulation, electrical upgrades, accessible bathroom upgrade, etc. etc. etc. The list is daunting!

The wishful thinking new session was to start in January. As you can see, it is now January and there is no end in sight! Rest assured when we do start classes back up again there will be both weeknights and sunday afternooon classes to choose from.

If you’re interested in taking a FUNdamentals class then just shoot an email under the contact section of this website. I’m keeping a list of folks who have asked to be notified when classes start.

Meawhile….. Happy New Year!!!!